Photo by Mimi Okabe (Kyoto, Japan)

Photo by Mimi Okabe (Kyoto, Japan)


JAPAN 102 (X51) | Basic Japanese II

みなさん、こんにちは!Welcome to my Japanese class! This is a non-intensive course designed to develop basic skills in spoken and written Japanese. It emphasizes active command of elementary Japanese, not passive knowledge. Your goal is not simply to acquire the grammar and vocabulary, but the ability to use Japanese appropriately and with increasing spontaneity. Thus, at the end of the course, you will:   (1) have culturally appropriate communication skills in both spoken and written elementary Japanese,  (2) understand the basic structure of the Japanese language, and  (3) have a rudimentary understanding of Japanese culture as it applies to language usage (See syllabus for more information).


Anonymous Student Testimonials (Selected)

Administered by the University of Alberta Universal Student Rating of Instruction (USRI)

"The quality of instruction in the class was one of the best I've had at the post secondary level. Mimi was/is a very passionate instructor who genuinely cares for the success of her students. Always available if questions were to arise outside of class, be it through email or at her office. Questions were always answered promptly and with respect, if she was unsure about the answer given to a student she would clarify with other instructors and return with an accurate answer. Her enthusiasm despite teaching an evening class was infectious and kept, what could have been a long 2 and a half hour class, interesting."

"Mimi-sensei did an excellent job teaching this course. The classroom was a warm and welcoming environment where everybody could participate and screw up (often) without there being any fear of being judged by anyone. Mimi-sensei was always really excited to be in the classroom and really excited to see her students succeed. I would take her class again."