Journal Publications

2015 “Jane Austen in Translation: On Sisterhood and Romance in Mochizuki Reiko’s Sense and SensibilityPersuasions On-Line. Jane Austen Society of North America. 36.1 (2015)

 2013 “From Sherlock Holmes to “Heisei” Holmes: Counter Orientalism and Post Modern Parody in Aoyama Gosho’s Detective Conan Manga Series”, InternationalJournal of Comic Art 15.1 (Spring 2013)

Book chapter Publications

2018 "Rule Makers vs. Rule Breakers: The Impact of Legislative Policies on Women Game Developers in the Japanese Game Industry." Feminism in Play, edited by Kishonna L. Gray, Gerald Voorhees, Emma Vossen, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, pp. 125-141.

Forthcoming Publications

2018 (Fall)  “Combating Youth Violence: The Emergence of Boy Sleuths in Japan’s Lost Decade.” Mechademia: Second Arc. (Manuscript accepted October 7th, 2017) 

2018 Tsugumi Okabe and Jérémie Pelletier-Gagnon. "The Politics of Asobigokoro in Boys' Love Visual Novel Games."  (Accepted April 7, 2017). Journal of the Japanese Association for Digital Humanities. Special Issue on Japanese Game Studies & the Replaying Japan Conference


2015 Nakazawa Shin’ichi. “The Game Freaks Who Play With Bugs – In Praise of the Video Game Xevious” Translated by Jérémie Pelletier-Gagnon and Tsugumi Okabe. Kinephanos: Médias et culture populaire, Media and popular 5.1 (December 2015)

On Teaching

2017 What Does Teaching Excellence Mean to You? Some Reflections on “Pedagogy and Curriculum Design.The Quad: Where UAlberta Meets Online, University of Alberta.